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Consulting Weeks and Global Internships



To provide invaluable work experience and global exposure we offer the opportunity for students to undertake a part-time unpaid internship in several destinations around the world. This is a chance for the student to gain work experience within an organization in their field of interest, to work on solving a real-life business problem, as well as to closely observe managerial roles in action, to better understand their future career. Omnia Discovery brings the MBA / Executive MBA student an opportunity to participate in short-term programmes and consulting weeks in the following destinations: London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Nairobi.












What we will do:​

  • Provide our local knowledge and expertise of the destination, sourcing appropriate companies, startups in the growth stage and speakers who can contribute to the programme.

  • We will identify and scope a selection of high-quality consultancy projects with local companies suitable for the students.

  • Work closely with the faculty to meet the strategic learning objectives of the course and respond to faculty input on the appropriate selection and scoping of the consulting projects in local markets.

Benefits for the student:

  • Career Development & Networking - Internships are the most effective way to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field. Our internships in Israel make candidates more competitive in the job market. 

  • Hands-on experience - opportunities to work with some of the world’s most cutting-edge industries, mostly at technology-oriented companies and start-up ecosystems. The internship placement will be at software, bio-tech and cleantech companies, internet, computers and mobile start-ups, or Fintech. 

  • Future employment - In some cases, interns are offered to continue working for the company in other countries (most of the placements have international orientation). Even in cases they are not offered a job, most find the experience well worthwhile due to the work experience and connections they acquired during the internship.


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