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International Tourism and Hospitality   

  • UK- London
  • France - Paris
  • Spain - Barcelona 
  • Thailand 
  • Cuba 
  • Singapore 

For an International Tourism or Hospitality student, the field trips and other immersive global experiences are crucial for his success. It is an opportunity to witness first-hand the challenges in one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. Bringing the class and curriculum alive, the participants will be exposed to the different aspects of hospitality in a global context and will gain a greater understanding of the motivations behind travel for different segments. Participants will also learn, how tourism destinations are managed to be successful, sustainable and competitive in today’s environment.

Programme Focus  

The programme will explore the latest tourism trends and practices that are relevant to particular segments such as solo travelers, family holidays and different budgets – low cost to luxury destinations. The programme will not only put theory to practice and deal with the core themes of international tourism and hospitality management but also with emerging trends like eco-tourism, NOMADs, health tourism etc. We aim also to cover ‘dark side’ of tourism - the sector’s sustainability, cultural influences, community engagement and impact on destinations worldwide in order to develop a better understanding among the future leaders of this industry.  


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Programme Highlights 


  • Visit major global tourism hubs  

  • Leading hotel chains - local and international 

  • Boutique hotels and homestays 

  • Cover the following segments (optional)

    • Family holidays 

    • Luxury 

    • Solo & Couples  

    • Health Tourism 

    • Eco-tourism 

    • Backpackers and NOMADs

    • LGBT+ segment  

    • TravelTech start-ups 

  • HR Practices  

  • Digital Marketing and the interface with global online suppliers 

  • The power of social media 

  • Supply Chain - focusing on meals and beverages 

  • Tourism 'dark side' - social and environmental impact and CSR

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  • workshops 

  • Cultural activities  

  • Day trips 

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