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Environment & Sustainability 

  • Denmark-Copenhagen (Cities Category)
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam (Cities Category) 
  • Sweden - Stockholm (Cities Category)
  • Costa Rica - (government initiatives)   

The development of new applications and innovative solutions for sustainable business activities, social impact & the environment has become a high priority matter for governors, mayors, and a C-Suite executives in recent years. Our distinctive programmes provide not only in-depth knowledge about the global impacts on natural ecosystems from rising energy and material consumption patterns but also provide information regarding institutions and policy instruments that influence business operations in the micro-level - municipalities and urban planning. The participants will learn about different types of sustainability management and get exposure to innovative sustainability practices used in different economies around the world.

Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Stockholm - Overview 

These three European cities are considered among the greenest cities around the world. They set as an example of how municipalities and governments coupled with cultural behaviours and community engagement can substantially improve almost every environmental indicator.  From the use of renewable energy resources and recycling processes to maintaining green spaces within the city and ensure thriving wildlife habitats, natural reserves, biodiversity, and outdoor spaces. 

Costa Rica - Overview 

Throughout the world, Costa Rica is known as a leader in placing natural capital at the center of its development. With nearly 30% of the landmass held in reserve, Costa Rica produces over 90% of its electricity through renewable means such as hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power.  Furthermore, the country’s local food production is abundant, rendering costs for basic items extremely affordable for everyone. Understanding what makes Costa Rica the world's greenest and happiest nation on earth will be at the heart of the programme.




Program Focus  

In the Costa Rica programme students can expect to visit farming, renewable energy, forestry and sustainable construction projects, where they will be introduced to several types of sustainability practices. Students will have the opportunity to engage with local businessmen and entrepreneurs who will share their views about how environmentally responsible business been done in Costa Rica. Students will visit not only 'green' businesses but also academic and financial institutions who will share information and experience about how the economic backdrop of Costa Rica, its educational institutions and healthcare systems create a context in which businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. In addition, students will learn how Costa Rica's government creates attractive incentives for conservation and sustainable development projects.


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Topics we can cover:


  • Climate Change action & mitigation

  • Carbon reduction processes

  • Waste Management

  • Sustainable travel & mobility

  • Sustainability and supply chains

  • Renewable Energy

  • Urban Development and biodiversity strategies

  • Reforestation policies & incentives

  • Water stewardship

  • Community engagement & dialogue

  • Meetings with local government officials

  • NGOs and think tanks

  • Visit local companies

  • Panels with environmental experts

  • Cultural activities

  • Site visits in each destination

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