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Risk management


The safety of our programme participants is paramount. Whilst recognizing that there is no such thing as a risk-free environment, we ensure identified risks are mitigated to acceptable levels. The lessons that Omnia Discovery’s founders learned whilst managing risks in the most austere environments have shaped our three-stage risk management methodology: 


  • Risk Identification – Prior to each programme all potential risks are identified and recorded.


  • Risk assessment – The likelihood of those risks occurring is assessed along with the potential impact. Each risk is considered individually by at least two people and a plan developed to mitigate the risk. If identified risks cannot be reduced to acceptable levels the activity will not take place.


  • Dynamic risk management – Risk is not static as a result neither is our approach to risk management. Throughout the delivery of our programmes we consider whether the situation has changed, if any new risks have been identified and if so whether the risk calculus has changed. If we are in any doubt the activity will be rearranged or rescheduled.


Whilst we are optimists at heart we approach risk pessimistically imaging worst-case scenarios rather than wishing risks away. 


Legal protection

Your contract is with a UK registered entity and is subject to UK laws, which offer some of the strongest legal protection in the world to client. Your terms of agreement are with Omnia Discovery Ltd, company house registration no:10337195 .



Omnia Discovery is fully insured and has professional indemnity insurance in place.


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