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About Us


Immanuel Kant believed that ‘experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play’. My story as the founder of Omnia Discovery started as an MBA student in London. I quickly learned that, while my theoretical study of modern business was valuable, my experiential learning modules were invaluable. Understanding the tremendous power of cross-cultural experiences and interactions with wide range of businesses and organisations, first-hand and in a multinational environment, drove me to establish Omnia Discovery.     


In the last five years Omnia Discovery became truly a global company. We delivered numerous study trips and bespoke educational programs all around the world.  We had the privilege of providing over a thousand students and executives the opportunity to apply business theory within real-world scenarios, through interaction with multiple businesses from a wide range of industries, as well as with market experts, local entrepreneurs, government agencies and NGOs. 


Our destinations are as varied as they are informative: from the world’s leading innovation powerhouses of Silicon Valley, Stockholm and Tel Aviv, to the slums of Nairobi, where technology plays a crucial role in social impact; from the prospering global financial capitals of London, Frankfurt and Paris, to the sieged economies of Havana and Ramallah. 


I know from my own experience just how crucial such visits are in shaping business leaders of the future. It is why I am so proud of Omnia Discovery's track record: offering incredible opportunities for students to meet high-calibre business leaders, and to learn skills and make memories that last a lifetime. 

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