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Global Financial Markets  

  • Germany - Frankfurt
  • UK- London
  • China - Shanghai & Hong Kong
  • Singapore 
  • US - New York  

Financial markets have always been global and becoming more complex. An understanding of the core principles, advantages, and pitfalls of working with global financial markets are critical for anyone in business leadership or entrepreneurial role today. Whenever we design our programmes we always keep asking ourselves what makes a successful, thriving global financial hub. In order to deliver the most compelling trip we aim not only to expose the participants to the main drivers and enablers of the local financial market but also to provide an opportunity to learn first-hand about current and future trend in the industry

Programme Focus  

The weeklong intense study trip is designed to immerse the participant in one of the worlds leading financial hubs.  Each of our destinations is among the largest financial centers in the world and has a highly developed economy. During the trip, the group will meet with leading financial institutions – local and international banks, reputed stock exchanges, government agencies, regulators other public and private banks, Fintech start-ups and digital banks and trading and insurance companies.

In addition, the participants will learn about the vital role of the first-class infrastructure, communications, commercial systems, transparent and sound legal and regulatory regimes backed by a stable political system in sustaining the financial markets.  


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Programme Highlights 


  • Visit leading financial institutions in each destination

    • Local Banks 

    • International Banks

    • Insurance companies 

    • Regulatory agencies 

    • Fintech startups & Digital Banks 

    • Investment funds 

    • VC (Where relevant)

  • Specialized finance - real estate, hospitality 

  • Global institutions like OECD, IMF, World Bank

  • Stock exchange

  • Government Agencies

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  • workshops 

  • Cultural activities  

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