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Innovation & Entrepreneurship  


Technology reshapes the globe and innovations transform markets and organisations.

As emerging new technologies are now present in more products and processes, business leaders need to understand the processes surrounding its strategic use and development. From the Fintech and Blockchain revolutions to Cyber threats, innovative products increasingly create and transform markets; business leaders must master the technology development process.


Our entrepreneurship programs add applied aspects of entrepreneurship studies, ranging from meetings with start-ups in different stages to multinational corporations and from governments agencies to social enterprises. Our programs will give the opportunity to engage with businesses and entrepreneurs and visit innovative entrepreneurial companies.


These programmes aim to expose the student to the vibrant innovation-centric business ecosystems in one of the following destinations: Tel Aviv, London, Nairobi, Stockholm, Helsinki and Seoul.  Participants will be able to explore the innovation-oriented businesses in the different stages of their development from idea to billion-dollar company while at the same time gaining an understanding of the supporting role played by venture capitalists, government, incubators and established technology companies.






Israel - Tel Aviv

The Emergence of the Start-Up Nation

Israel, described by The Economist as an ‘economic miracle’, now has more high-tech start-ups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world. Israel’s ‘Silicon Wadi’ is an innovation hub of global importance with more companies listed on the tech-oriented NASDAQ stock exchange than Europe, India, China and South Korea combined.  



Drivers and enablers for Technology Innovation hub

Discovery why startup enthusiasts from all over the world arrive to Berlin. With dozens of new startup being founded every day in the city, Berlin is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The sense of community coupled with top international talent and a huge concentration of capital makes Berlin not only the center of German startup scene, but one of the world’s startup capitals.


US- Silicon Valley

 A Global Innovation Powerhouse 

Silicon Valley, the alma mater of digital ventures, a test bed for innovation and where revolutionary ideas come into life and disrupt almost every business industry. A chance to observe first hand the intersection of strategy, digital technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and policy mostly within start-ups in the growth stage/''unicorns'' and mature companies based in SF Bay area


Kenya - Nairobi

Tech for Good - Social Entrepreneurship

Learn more about the concept of social entrepreneurship, the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems, is gaining traction in East Africa. 


Sweden - Stockholm

Drivers and enablers for Technology Innovation hub

Sweden like other Scandinavian countries outperforms many countries when it comes to technology innovation. Discovery in this trip what drives one of the countries that keep scoring at the top 10 of every tech-related index 


China - Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing

Digital Transformation - Entrepreneurship in Asia  

Learn more about the concept of social entrepreneurship, the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems, is gaining traction in East Africa. 

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