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The Luxury Brands Business

The luxury brands marketing study tour aims to provide an opportunity for participants to develop a deeper understanding of the growing luxury brands business. From marketing finance to operations and logistics within a global context.

Our Luxury Brands tours are to historically outperform markets like the Italian and French or alternatively to global emerging ''luxury clusters'' in Asia  with recorded positive value growth in the last decades 

Milan, one of our top destinations, has long held sway as one of the prominent luxury brands capitals of the world alongside cities like Paris, Rome, and New York. Milan has housed not only world-renowned fashion designers including Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, or Prada but also cutting-edge luxury car manufacturing, premium alcoholic beverages, and innovative furniture designs.

Visit to Net A Porter - Future of E-Commerce
new VR technologies in training and logistics
Alfa Romeo HQ - The competetive landscape of the automobile Industry

Programme Highlights  

  • Visit local and ,multinational brands in multiple industries

    • Fashion Brands

    • Automobile Industry

    • Furniture Design

    • Alcoholic beverages  

    • Jewellery 

    • Luxury Hotels 

  • Factories 

  • Visit to Ateliers and boutique shops

  • Fashion Accelerator Programs and startups 

  • Workshops 

  • Panels and lectures with market experts

  • Cultural activities 

  • Optional day trips in Paris, Milan and Singapore

Fashion Technology Accelerator - Wearable fashion items, sustainable textiles start-ups
Kartell HQ - Luxury furniture design. Prototyping process
Accelertor Programs for fashion start-ups
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