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“Omnia Discovery provided a memorable experience, which was both informative, challenging and valuable.  The experience not only broadened my knowledge and exposure to commerce in the Middle East but also strengthened my understanding of how starts-ups are, incepted, developed and brought to market.  Omnia Discovery executed an impressive task of juxtaposing the opportunity presented by the tech. start-up community in Tel Aviv, Real Estate in Ramallah against the backdrop of a disputed territory and challenging social and economic environment.  I would highly recommend both this elective to any MBA or Executive MBA student as well as Omnia’s expertise in delivering a unique and valued Business School module.”

Russell de Cogan - Executive MBA student Cass Business School / MSc student Saïd Business School


"The quality of the elective organised by Omnia Discovery far exceeded my expectations and is definitely the highlight of my MBA. The quality of the company visits provoked sustained debate throughout the week between all of the participants on the elective. The level of engagement from the elective participants was unexpected and unprecedented and left me in no doubt that we had all been through a fascinating and life changing experience."

Finan Letts, MBA Cass Business School.

"I can safely say that the elective organised by Omnia Discovery was one of the most thought provoking experiences in my life. The team from Omnia not only delivered impeccable logistics, but were also instrumental in making the elective an enriching experience both personally and professionally. They kept us engaged, safe and entertained throughout; I cannot recommend them enough."

Alessandra Almeida Jones, Executive MBA student.


Omnia Discovery did a great job as the organisers of our amazing study trip to Cuba. The Omnia team was not only active and engaged in the planning process but also implemented an outstanding and smooth logistical operation in a relatively difficult environment. All along the way, we worked as a team to achieve all the aims and objectives of this fantastic trip to one of the world's unique places.  The company has access to the country's government ministries, which allowed us to visit Cuba's leading companies, government organizations, academic institutions but most importantly meeting Cuba's forward-thinking young generation of entrepreneurs. Witnessing change first hand, while it's happening is a great privilege from the business and academic perspective but also as an individual. It was one of the most inspiring places I have visited.

Professor Bobby Banerjee





















"Collaborating with Omnia Associates enabled a deeply transforming student experience. An innovative, immersive, and engaging trip to Israel and Palestine exposed all participants to a context of doing business that is unique in the world, challenging for management and inspiring in ways difficult to imagine before venturing there. Omnia Associates go to any length in minute planning and careful implementation to make participants feel not only safe but free and inspired."

Professor Stefan Haefliger.




We used Omnia Discovery to organise a study trip to Helsinki and Stockholm in 2018 on the theme of technology innovation. They did an amazing job for us! Everything was professionally done – from the pre-trip communication to organising visits to a great selection of companies in both cities, to post-trip debrief. We covered all aspects of tech innovation and met with start-ups, large companies, incubators and accelerators. I was impressed by Omnia’s thoughtful approach to the trip and the selection of organisations for our visits. We will be using their services again in the future!”

Professor  G. Harindranath 


The Omnia team created a world class experience during our week in Israel and Palestine, giving us the opportunity to see and experience what life is like for the business community across the region. We had remarkable levels of access – from some of the most significant figures in industry and politics, to ordinary citizens going about their daily lives.  And the personal commitment the team showed to each and every student meant this was – by some way - the most rewarding experience of my MBA at CASS.”

Dominic Pendry - Executive MBA

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