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Silicon Valley - Entrepreneurship/Technology Innovation 

The Silicon Valley study tour is designed to allow participants to become immersed in an area that is known as the global engine for technology innovation. The Silicon Valley, the alma mater of digital ventures, a testbed for innovation and where revolutionary ideas come into life and disrupt almost every business industry. The participant will observe first hand the intersection of strategy, digital technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and policy mostly within start-ups in the growth stage/''unicorns'' and big mature companies.











Programme focus


This immersive experience aims to expose students to the most famous entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the world – the engine that created the most powerful tech companies like Apple, Facebook, CICSO, Google, and Intel. Every today, ground-breaking companies such as Salesforce, Netflix, Uber, Tesla, and Airbnb are challenging the status quo, transforming age-old industries, and changing our lives in profound ways.


The programme will give first-hand experience in Silicon Valley's high tech industry and learn how entrepreneurs generate new ideas, assemble teams, start their ventures, raise funding, and scale-up. Through a combination of company visits, hands-on workshops, founders, investors, and business leaders,  the participant will acquire a deep and critical understanding of the opportunities and challenges that an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem offers to established companies as well as start-ups.

Visit to Roch Biotech Center in Silicon Valley                               Meeting with Linkedin VP Marketing                                       

Programme Highlights  

  • Visit local companies and startups in various industries and life stage

    • Internet & Software 

    • Biotech & Pharma

    • Fintech

    • AI/AR

    • ICT 

    • Media

    • Semi-conductors   

    • Sharing Economy

    • Social Media 

    • 3D Printing  

  • Visit to Stanford/Berkeley

  • Accelerator Programs 

  • Venture Capital Funds 

  • Panels with entrepreneurs

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  • Local chamber of commerce 

  • Cultural activities 

  • Optional day trips to Sonoma /Napa Valley  

Innovation Finance - Silicon Valley Bank
View from Salesforce Tower 
SAP House - SAP inhouse innovation Lab
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