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Kenya -Technology for Social Impact 


Technology has and still continues to play a vital role in the development and advancement of African economies. Technology is constantly reinforcing regional trends in business, investment, opportunities and modernisation, which accelerates globalisation in developing countries. The concept of social entrepreneurship, the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems, is gaining traction in East Africa. The most populated city in East Africa, and one of its fastest growing, Nairobi, has become an extremely strategic regional center for business, banking, development, and politics, but has struggled to address social issues. With around 45 percent of Kenyans still living under the poverty line, the government, traditional businesses, and NGOs are perceived to have failed in addressing basic needs. In this context, a grassroots movement of social businesses has emerged that use and adapt technologies to local requirements; empowering Kenyans to develop solutions that meet the critical demand for basic services.

Workshop with E4Impact Foundation and Accelerator Program
Visit to M-Pesa Foundation and meeting the CEO Les Bailey

Programme Highlights 

  • Visits to local communities 

  • Meetings with local academics and students 

  • Visit local companies in various industries

    • Renewable energy

    • Health/Pharma

    • Micro Finance

    • Insurance 

    • Education 

    • Transportation 

    • Communication/Telecom

    • Food and beverages 

    • Biggest Tech hubs in East Africa

    • Manufacturing  

  • NGOs 

  • Government agencies

  • Chamber of commerce 

  • Social impact ventures 

  • Multinational companies based in Nairobi 

  • Panels with entrepreneurs 

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  •  Cultural activities 

  • Day trip to Nairobi National Park 

Meeting with local entrepreneurs in East Africa largest start-up hub -  iHub
Visit to Kibera local community 
Connecting Africa to the Internet - Visit to BRCK and meeting the CEO Erik Hersman
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