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Technology Innovation in Israel  - Start-Up Nation  


Israel, created in 1948 by UN mandate, is a representative democracy with universal suffrage and despite the delicate political situation with the Palestinian people, it is one of the safest places in the world to visit. Located in the Levant region, Israel is home to some of the world’s most significant religious sites, and the Abrahamic religions that were founded in the region have profoundly shaped global history and geopolitics. Despite its strong links to the past, Israel is in the process of re-shaping the future; described as ‘the start-up nation’, there are more Israeli companies listed on the tech-focused NASDAQ than from Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and India combined. With a population of eight million people, Israel is only second to Silicon Valley in terms of the number of startups ­– there are an estimated 4,800 in Tel Aviv alone – making Israel the most innovation-focused country in the world.




Programme focus

The Israel programme offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a business ecosystem described by The Economist as an economic miracle. A typical programme explores the political, economic and social drivers of Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit enabling the participant through focused engagement with key leaders to better understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. At the end of the programme, participants will have a better understanding of how entrepreneurs assemble winning teams and learn from failure whilst at the same time identifying the support network required to allow innovation to flourish. This programme can also be run in conjunction with the Palestine programme with the time equally split between both locations enabling participants to develop a nuanced view of the situation in the region. 

A visit to the inspirational Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa
Why Chinese giant like Tencent is operating in Israel? Visit to Techcode accelerator program

Programme Highlights 

  • Meetings with local academics and students 

  • Visit local startup companies in various industries

    • Cyber Security 

    • Fintech

    • AI/AR

    • Biotech & Pharma

    • EdTech

    • Media

    • Internet 

  • Venture Capital funds 

  • 'Unicorns'

  • Military and Defense industries 

  • Government Agencies 

  • Multinational companies R&D centers in Tel Aviv

  • Panels with entrepreneurs 

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  • Cultural activities 

  • UNESCO Heritage Sites Tel Aviv White City, Old City of Jerusalem 

  • Optional visit to the Palestinian startup ecosystem in conjunctions with this program  

  • Optional innovation workshop

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - IPOs - TLVs Unicorns Capital 
Zell Entrepreneurship Program fellows presenting their startups. 
A State of Innovation - Drivers and Enablers of the Israeli Society - Visit to SNC
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