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Morocco – Crossroad of Worlds  


While only separated from Europe by the seven-mile-wide Strait of Gibraltar Morocco is a unique fusion of Arab, African and European culture. Politically stable, business-friendly and ideally located, Morocco under the leadership of King Mohammed VI is positioning itself as the gateway to the African continent. Founded in 2010 the Casablanca Finance City has already established itself as the 2nd most important financial hub in Africa and is rapidly gaining ground on Johannesburg. Nurtured by the ambitions of the country’s Monarch, King Mohammed VI, Morocco is on track to revolutionize business in Africa in much the same way as Dubai revolutionized business in the Middle East.


Programme focus

The Morocco programme offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a hugely ambitious project that seeks to create a new global financial city. A typical programme explores how the state can lead change and encourage private sector investment and the difficulties associated with disrupting a mature market and creating a business hub. At the end of the programme participants will have a better understanding of business in Africa, global finance, Islamic finance and how disruptive initiatives can support traditional national industries.


Programme Highlights 

  • Visit Casablanca Finance city

  • Visit local companies in various industries

    • Telecom & ICT

    • Banking and finance 

    • Casablanca stock exchange 

    • Insurance companies   

    • Food Manufacturing 

  • Multinational companies based in Casablanca

  • Local Chamber of Commerce  

  • Panels with entrepreneurs 

  • Meeting with market experts and expats 

  •  Cultural activities - dinners and a visit to Hasan II Mosque 

  • Optional trip to Marrakesh or Rabat 

  • Optional trip to the Atlas Mountains or the desert before or after the programme 

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